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Big Daishowa's outstanding tool development relies on cutting force measurement technology from Kistler

Big Daishowa's outstanding tool development relies on cutting force measurement technology from Kistler

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Daishowa Seiki KK (BIG Daishowa), headquartered in Japan, Osaka, is one of the major manufacturers of machinery industry handle. The company's annual production of about 500000 spring chuck. The product is the use of Kistler (Kistler) of the cutting force measuring equipment and other resources research and development.
More than 500 machines and more than 300 sets of automatic machinery and automation systems - these are the digital embodiment of BIG production capacity Daishowa. The family owned company was founded in 1967, has nearly 900 employees worldwide. Its subsidiary BIG KAISER is also quite well-known in Europe and North america. The core competitiveness of BIG Daishowa: the maximum machining accuracy of 0.001 mm high quality beat handle. In addition to the spring chuck, hydraulic chuck, milling cutter shank and tapping and other types of handle, including the first point, measuring equipment and cutting tools.
Objective: to flank the force produced by the lowest
To further expand the company's product portfolio, BIG Daishowa development tool concept within the company in the MEGA technology center. From a product of these ideas is the talent shows itself MEGA Synchro tapping shank. It is a kind of "correction handle", the synchronization error between the use of elastic component correction processing equipment and tools. The main challenge faced by the screw thread problem is the difference in length and spindle speed caused by the pitch and depth of thread related applied feed rate to a minimum, in order to minimize the axial force generated by the flank. The higher the axial force may have a negative impact on the flank, and shorten the service life of tapping handle: "although modern CNC machine is equipped with a synchronous spindle, but smaller synchronization error still exists," BIG Daishowa Research Manager Masayuki Doi said. Even small deviations will make the side tapping handle immediately produce axial force high.
The use of cutting force measurement equipment structure optimization
BIG Daishowa relies on the multi component Kistler dynamometer, the design and optimization of the Synchro structure of MEGA. Piezoelectric cutting force measuring device can be compact products of 170 x 140 mm were measured, and can be mounted to the machine table. It is unusually strong, so it has very high natural frequency, can high precision measurement of single cutting force even at high speeds. The precise measurement results due to the use of Kistler dynamometer is obtained and conclusions from these measurements, we can adjust the design, greatly reduce the flank force, "said Doi. Specifically: for threaded collet, axial force tapping on the hilt of 750 cattle. The maximum axial force of MEGA Synchro 60 for cattle, which will make the tap M12 thread and prolongs the service life of 2.4 times.