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Examples of lateral vibration test for M12 hexagonal head bolted joints
4, plus RIPP LOCK flange nut M12 six hexagon head bolts, nuts, loose in 12.5Hz, transverse vibration test of 750 cycles
Amen! Please open the "Fastening Bible" for 10 steps to realize reliable bolted joints
Amen! Please open the "fastening the Bible" and "Mao read together 10 steps to realize reliable bolt assembly" It's time to arm your teeth with theory.
10 Steps Series 4 M from Fishbone Diagram to Reliable Assembly of Bolts
Not long ago, Mao brother said to talk about the experience of "the Bible" -- "bolt 10 steps" bolt assembly reliability of some of the reading experience, as a month later, it also continued. Today, and you complaining, I start from scratch. If the "bolt assembly reliability" to a large class, it should also count the scope of quality management. When it comes to quality management, we have to mention a Japanese - ishikawa. Why is Japanese? They may follow the prescribed order characteristics, especially suitable for quality management.
Simple Principle of Measuring Bolt Pre-tightening Force by Ultrasound
Is the role of fastening bolts, as can be imagined preload (clamping force) is the most important parameter measurement. But the pretightening force torque that can not directly measured, only indirectly measured, and all kinds of measurement methods, the traditional way of strain gauge method, gasket sensor method, and the use of ultrasound to measure the preload compared with other methods, there are many advantages to do nondestructive measurement, measurement and information preservation cost saving. Since there are so many benefits, the ultrasonic in the end is how to achieve the preload measure?
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