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Big Daishowa's outstanding tool development relies on cutting force measurement technology from Kistler

Application Cases

The role of the bolt is to tighten, and it is conceivable that the preload (clamping force) is the most important measurement parameter. However, the pre-tightening force can not be directly measured like torque. It can only be measured by indirect method. The measuring method is also varied. The traditional method includes strain gauge method and washer sensor method, while ultrasonic wave is used to measure the pre-tightening force compared with other methods. The method does have many advantages, and can achieve non-destructive measurement, real measurement, information preservation, and cost saving.
Practice and theory are the left and right legs of human knowledge learning. Recently, Xiao Yan discovered that the left leg of the domestic fastening industry has become more and more sturdy, but the right leg is somewhat thin, and the theory is more or less lacking, including Xiao Yan himself. It's time to arm yourself with theory, and there is a book that will hold you armed.

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Multifunctional Ultrasound Acquisition Instrument

What is iBolt

iBolt is a clamp force measuring instrument for threaded fasteners with independent intellectual property rights developed independently in China. Since its inception, iBolt has been widely used in wind power, high-speed rail, automobiles, aviation, aerospace and other fields. It has become the necessary equipment for the development of high strength fastening system and the formulation of bolt assembly process. In the stage of product installation, the design clamp force of fasteners can be guaranteed; in the stage of product operation, the clamp force of fasteners can be monitored.



The bolt clamp force is obtained by calculating the elongation by measuring the acoustic time difference between the free-state and the tightening-state of the bolt with ultrasonic wave.

When measuring, the linear relationship between the acoustic time difference of bolts and the clamp force of bolts is calibrated firstly, and the clamp force of bolts can be calculated accurately by measuring the acoustic time difference.


Comparation of Different Tightening Method

  Torque Control Torque – Angle Control Clamping Force Control
Clamping force direct measurement No No Yes
Accuracy of clamping force control 土30% 士15% 士3%
High-speed impulse tool No No Yes
Cost of tightening tool High High Low
Verification of clamping force on spot 士50% No 士5%


Application: Measurement of Bolt Axis Force of Wind Turbine Blade Propeller Bearing



  1. High sensitivity weak signal transceiver technology;
  2. Digital control 50-400V excitation adjustable;
  3. 0-80dB gain and pulse width can be adjusted.
  4. 200M high-speed sampling and digital signal processing technology, with the help of high-performance filtering, intelligent echo acquisition, recognition, tracking and other technologies, can automatically complete the real-time measurement and calculation of clamp force and temperature.
  5. Four 12-bit analog signals are sampled at a single 10K sampling rate, which ensures accurate and efficient synchronous acquisition of torque (high voltage) signals.
  6. One 12-bit weak signal acquisition can support all kinds of strain output torque signal acquisition.
  7. Multi angle-coding format support;
  8. Ultrasound preload (including yield stage) can be real-time output through 0-10 analog.
  9. It can be connected with Analyse friction machine and manipulator to realize real-time calibration.
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