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Big Daishowa's outstanding tool development relies on cutting force measurement technology from Kistler

Application Cases

The role of the bolt is to tighten, and it is conceivable that the preload (clamping force) is the most important measurement parameter. However, the pre-tightening force can not be directly measured like torque. It can only be measured by indirect method. The measuring method is also varied. The traditional method includes strain gauge method and washer sensor method, while ultrasonic wave is used to measure the pre-tightening force compared with other methods. The method does have many advantages, and can achieve non-destructive measurement, real measurement, information preservation, and cost saving.
Practice and theory are the left and right legs of human knowledge learning. Recently, Xiao Yan discovered that the left leg of the domestic fastening industry has become more and more sturdy, but the right leg is somewhat thin, and the theory is more or less lacking, including Xiao Yan himself. It's time to arm yourself with theory, and there is a book that will hold you armed.

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Functional Test and Comfort Measurement

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for automobile performance are higher and higher in terms of power, economy and safety, as well as comfort and functional reliability. Portable measurement system is used to connect general sensors and measure the function and comfort parameters of automobiles.

All-round comfort testing

The comfort testing system can quantitatively detect the comfort of the door, backup box, seat, engine hatch, shift rod, glove box, sunshade, steering force, switch button, window lifting glass, pedal and a series of car-human contact parts, so as to ensure the best ergonomics.


  • Comfort and Consistency Data Support
  • Promotion of Brand Image
  • Establishment of data comparison of standard car types
  • White Paper on Automotive Comfort Industry


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