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Big Daishowa's outstanding tool development relies on cutting force measurement technology from Kistler

Application Cases

The role of the bolt is to tighten, and it is conceivable that the preload (clamping force) is the most important measurement parameter. However, the pre-tightening force can not be directly measured like torque. It can only be measured by indirect method. The measuring method is also varied. The traditional method includes strain gauge method and washer sensor method, while ultrasonic wave is used to measure the pre-tightening force compared with other methods. The method does have many advantages, and can achieve non-destructive measurement, real measurement, information preservation, and cost saving.
Practice and theory are the left and right legs of human knowledge learning. Recently, Xiao Yan discovered that the left leg of the domestic fastening industry has become more and more sturdy, but the right leg is somewhat thin, and the theory is more or less lacking, including Xiao Yan himself. It's time to arm yourself with theory, and there is a book that will hold you armed.

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ECM Automatic measurement system for bolt profile

Unlike the traditional probe and laser measurement system, ECM uses visible light imaging technology. First, the measured object is projected and then analyzed according to a number of projection data. After the analysis, the size, shape and position of the product can be automatically obtained, which are related to bolts and revolving bodies. 
Because ECM uses a few moving parts and has a simple structure, it greatly improves accuracy and efficiency. In addition, it can solve many problems that traditional testing methods can not solve, such as measuring concave features of some screw heads.
Automatic Measurement of Thread Geometric Characteristics and Synchronized Display
Geometric Size Characteristics of Head

Principle of optical imaging

The measuring object is adsorbed on the chuck by magnetic adsorption or vacuum, and the incident light and transmission light are generated by natural light or reverse illumination light source. On the right side, two dual-color CCD cameras receive light modulated by the surface of the measured object. With the joint movement of the rotating unit and the linear unit, the surface of the measured object passes through the optical axis successively. The camera continuously uploads the measurement results, and the computer parses the data to obtain multiple three-dimensional coordinate parameters.
  1. Precision The highest accuracy of measurement can reach 0.5 micron. The highest repetition accuracy is 0.5 um.
  2. Fast The optical imaging technology is used for automatic measurement, and the fastest 5 s measurement data is obtained.
  3. Universal It is suitable for testing the external characteristics of all kinds of revolving bodies. The sample range can reach 80 X 340 mm (diameter X length).
  4. Multi-Function Whether it is a simple measurement of size, position, shape and position tolerance, or even the acquisition of thread feature information
  5. Simple Preset a large number of program modules to simplify the programming process. The test data can be batched and transmitted in real time according to the requirement.
  6. Interactive It can be directly connected with CAQ quality system, and other ERP and production process control procedures can also be seamlessly docked.

Measurement Options

ECM pre-programmed special bolt measurement procedures, which can be directly invoked to measure the bolt size related to the specific parameters, without additional programming.
                                                        Measurement of the inclination angle of flange 
                                                              For special applications, the concave characteristics
                                                       of bolt’s head can be measured.
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