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Big Daishowa's outstanding tool development relies on cutting force measurement technology from Kistler

Application Cases

The role of the bolt is to tighten, and it is conceivable that the preload (clamping force) is the most important measurement parameter. However, the pre-tightening force can not be directly measured like torque. It can only be measured by indirect method. The measuring method is also varied. The traditional method includes strain gauge method and washer sensor method, while ultrasonic wave is used to measure the pre-tightening force compared with other methods. The method does have many advantages, and can achieve non-destructive measurement, real measurement, information preservation, and cost saving.
Practice and theory are the left and right legs of human knowledge learning. Recently, Xiao Yan discovered that the left leg of the domestic fastening industry has become more and more sturdy, but the right leg is somewhat thin, and the theory is more or less lacking, including Xiao Yan himself. It's time to arm yourself with theory, and there is a book that will hold you armed.

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Vibration Test System

The transverse vibration test system fully according to the transverse vibration test standards stipulated by ISO 16130-2015, GB/T 10431, DIN 65151, DIN 25201-4 and Junker principle to test the anti-loosening performance of fastening connectors under the condition of constant amplitude under certain frequency and closed-loop control. It can be used for loosening mode research.
The vibration test system can test the anti-loosening performance of different combinations of thread fasteners (self-locking nuts, glued bolts, Nord Lock gaskets, bullet pads, special anti-loosening nuts, etc.) to select the optimal fastening connection combination.

Structure and Principle

The vibration test system includes a set of adjustable amplitude driving device, transverse force measuring system, axial preloading force measuring system and displacement measuring system. Servo automatic tightening device is used to tighten automatically according to the initial clamping force or torque set. After starting the test, according to the set test parameters, the system will record and analyze the changes of fastener clamping force (axial force), thread torque, tightening and loosening angle, constant amplitude and horizontal thrust. On the basis of the relevant test curves, the self-locking performance (anti-loosening performance) and various technical indicators of bolts and nuts under vibration environment can be analyzed.

Main Technical Indicators of Vibration Test System

  1. Vibration frequency: 0~20Hz arbitrary setting
  2. Amplitude: 0~2mm arbitrary setting (amplitude is controlled by closed loop, stepless adjustment and constant displacement amplitude can be set)
  3. Arbitrary setting of vibration time (multi-stage vibration and different amplitude can be set)
  4. Pre-clamping force (axial force) arbitrarily set: 0-500KN
  5. Pre-tightening Torque Arbitrary Setting: 0-1000Nm
  6. Test Specification Range of Fasteners: M6-M16
  7. Horizontal thrust (transverse load) test range: 0-50KN
  8. When the vibration test is automatically tightened to the preset torque/clamping force before the vibration test, mutot, muth and mub can be measured at the same time (as shown in the figure below).
  9. Professional and powerful TestXpert test software can customize the frequency of data acquisition, test data can be exported to excel file for analysis.
  10. TestXpert test software can overlay different test data on a graph to show the simulated assembly condition test according to the requirement, and provide test data for analyzing the relationship between the anti-loosening performance of bolts and nuts and friction coefficient and torque. Loosening angle, horizontal thrust value, amplitude, axial force attenuation, torque T, friction coefficient (total friction coefficient, end friction coefficient, thread friction coefficient), K value can be obtained.

Vibration Test Method

1.Preset tightening and vibration program in TestXpert test software, such as initial pre-tightening torque/pre-tightening force, amplitude, frequency, vibration time, curing time (glued bolt) and other parameters.
2.Install the test bolt assembly into the test system.
3.Use SCHATZ < Fastening Analysis System or SCHATZ < Torque Wrench Pre-Fastener to Preset Torque/Clamping Force. As shown in the following figure:
4.Start the test and stop automatically after the test is completed. Remove the bolt assembly and complete the test. As shown in the following figure:
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